How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney for Your Needs

Divorce is a difficult process, especially when children are involved. However, a skilled Beverly Hills divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal process quickly and efficiently. They can also assist you in locating and valuing marital assets, determining who is responsible for attorney fees in divorce, and settling disagreements about child custody, visitation, and property division. They can also handle high-profile divorce cases involving celebrities and other prominent individuals.

In a no-fault state like California, the only grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences. A qualified Beverly Hills Family Lawyer can help you determine if this is an appropriate reason for divorce, and help you file the proper paperwork with the courts. A divorce attorney can also help you decide if mediation or arbitration is a better option for your case, as these alternatives allow you to work through problems without going to court.

When choosing a Beverly Hills divorce lawyer, make sure they have experience with cases similar to yours. You should also ask questions about their qualifications and fees, as these can vary significantly. Some attorneys will offer a flat fee for their services, while others charge hourly. In either case, it is important to find a family law attorney that you can afford.

A divorce is not cheap, but a Beverly Hills divorce attorney may be able to negotiate a more affordable rate. They can also help you avoid paying any unnecessary fees by filing the correct forms and submitting the necessary documentation to the court. Typically, spouses are responsible for their own legal fees, but in some instances, the judge can compel one party to pay for the other’s divorce costs and associated expenses.

Levin & Margolin is a private law practice that serves clients throughout the Beverly Hills area in a variety of cases involving family and divorce laws. The firm’s partners have more than four decades of combined legal experience and can help their clients assess their options for a divorce case. Its clientele includes business executives, entertainment and medical professionals, and wealthy individuals.

Another Beverly Hills family law firm is the Law Offices of Katherine Cohan, APLC. Its sole practitioner, Katherine Cohan, has extensive experience in negotiating child custody and support agreements. Her firm has been featured in several news outlets, including Fox News and USA Today.

In addition to divorce, a Beverly Hills divorce lawyer can assist clients with other family-related matters such as domestic violence and adoptions. They can also help clients resolve their disputes in a legal separation, which is a trial period that allows them to live separately while working through issues such as child custody and property division. This is a great way to avoid a costly divorce. However, the spouses must not remarry or enter into a domestic partnership during their legal separation. They must provide psychiatric or medical testimony to prove that their spouse is incurable insane.